[erlang-bugs] Funny behaviour from dets

Hans Bolinder <>
Thu Jul 1 10:27:49 CEST 2010

[John Hughes:]
> I'm playing with dets and QuickCheck, and have encountered behaviour
> that seems strange to me--although I'm not entirely clear on how
> dets is supposed to behave if the table is modified during a
> traversal, so I can't say for certain that this is a bug.

It's a short-coming of Dets. There is a note about it in dets(3),

    It is not guaranteed that calls to first/1, next/2, select and
    match functions work as expected even if the table has been fixed;
    the limited support for concurrency implemented in Ets has not yet
    been implemented in Dets. Fixing a table currently only disables
    resizing of the hash list of the table.

Best regards,

Hans Bolinder, Erlang/OTP team, Ericsson

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