documentation of test_server:Case/1

Vlad Dumitrescu <>
Mon Feb 8 14:37:04 CET 2010


I think there are some errors in the docs for test_server:Case/1. See
comments below, marked with <<<---

Case(doc) -> [Decription]     <<<--- spelling
Case(suite) -> [] | TestSpec | {skip, Comment}   <<<--- see below,
should be 'spec'?
Case(Config) -> {skip, Comment} | {comment, Comment} | Ok

The specification clause (argument spec) shall return an empty list,
the test specification for the test case or {skip,Comment}. The syntax
of a test specification is described in the Test Server User's Guide.

The execution clause (argument Config) is only called if the
specification clause returns an empty list.   <<<--- or if spec
returns a TestSpec, right?


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