xsltproc error: "Unsupported encoding latin1"

Daniel Richard G. <>
Wed Dec 15 19:51:34 CET 2010

I encountered this error in attempting to build the R14 Debian
source package on Ubuntu Maverick, and likewise when building the
man pages from git:

hostname:/tmp/erlang-build/lib/dialyzer/doc/src$ make man ERL_TOP=/tmp/erlang-build 
date=`date +"%B %e %Y"`; \
	xsltproc --output "../man3/dialyzer.3" --stringparam company "Ericsson AB" --stringparam docgen "/tmp/erlang-build/lib/erl_docgen" --stringparam gendate "$date" --stringparam appname "dialyzer" --stringparam appver "2.4.0" --xinclude -path /tmp/erlang-build/lib/erl_docgen/priv/docbuilder_dtd  -path /tmp/erlang-build/lib/erl_docgen/priv/dtd_man_entities /tmp/erlang-build/lib/erl_docgen/priv/xsl/db_man.xsl dialyzer.xml
dialyzer.xml:1: parser error : Unsupported encoding latin1
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="latin1" ?>
unable to parse dialyzer.xml
make: *** [../man3/dialyzer.3] Error 6

Every single XML file that specifies encoding="latin1" causes
xsltproc(1) to choke. If I edit the XML to specify e.g.
encoding="iso-8859-1" instead, it works.

Given that "latin1" is an alias, and "iso-8859-1" (or a syntactic
variant thereof) the canonical form, it may be advisable to have all XML
headers in that encoding use the latter.


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