erlsrv.exe terminates unexpectedly running a CouchDB unit test on Windows Server 2008

Terry Smith <>
Mon Dec 13 23:59:49 CET 2010

I originally posted this in the CouchDB bug database as

Here's a copy of the report:

*Environment: *
This Windows box is a virtual machine
Windows Server 2008 Standard without Hyper-V Service Pack 2 64-bit
2 Core Intel Xeon CPU @ 2.53GHz each

Install 1.0.1 CouchDB as a service using the Windows Binary Installer (<>).
I did not select to "Start service after installation".
Edit the local.ini to set the logging level to "debug".
Go to the service control panel and start the Apache CouchDB service.
Go to Test Suite in Futon (use Firefox and goto
http://localhost:5984/_utils/couch_tests.html?script/couch_tests.js) and run
the "delayed_commits" test.

After about 15 - 20 seconds go to the service control panel and refresh to
see that the service is no longer running. ProcessExplorer verifies the
erlsrv.exe and erl.exe processes are not running. The last message in the
the couch log is a _restart command.

When I run CouchDB using C:\Program Files\Apache Software
Foundation\CouchDB\bin\CouchDB.bat. The test completes without crashing.

I've tested on another Windows Server 2008 VM and the test runs successfully
after starting up CouchDB, however, the test fails with the crash when
running it a second time.

When I set the DebugType in the registry
CouchDB to 1 (DEBUG_TYPE_NEW) to get a erlsrv.exe log, the test completes
without crashing.

I built a version of erlsrv.exe to always output the existing debug messages
and the message:

*"Erlang machine volountarily stopped. The service is not restarted as
OnFail is set to ignore."*

is output. When console output is directed to a file or to a console the
crash does not happen.

erl_crash.dump is in
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