filename.erl native compile hang

Tuncer Ayaz <>
Wed Dec 8 22:57:50 CET 2010

When building a --enable-native-libs configured otp.git dev tree it
takes an indefinite amount of time to compile filename.erl natively.
Without --enable-native-libs it works.

A quick bisect revealed:
4cf08709189ea8b7e2ae20f85c390abd04ae48ae is the first bad commit
commit 4cf08709189ea8b7e2ae20f85c390abd04ae48ae
Author: Patrik Nyblom <>
Date:   Wed Oct 13 17:08:32 2010 +0200

    Teach filename to accept raw data and add filename enc option to emu

:040000 040000 d28390c9db2b82038400e18214cb662adcba9e73
    f0e669ceebd50ec1c93747b5ef088f9624ae8e5f M      erts
:040000 040000 049cf26200961246118308baa458aff5336d914b
    b5dfd3c945c33ee820013759cf1c36f2dfaa9243 M      lib

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