Supervisor.erl erroreously removes the child_spec on reaching max_restart_intensity

Matthew Sackman <>
Mon Aug 9 17:41:12 CEST 2010

It doesn't actually cause a crash, but in the following:

restart(Child, State) ->
    case add_restart(State) of
	{ok, NState} ->
	    restart(NState#state.strategy, Child, NState, fun restart/2);
	{terminate, NState} ->
	    report_error(shutdown, reached_max_restart_intensity,
	    {shutdown, remove_child(Child, NState)}

the call to remove_child is wrong. It removes the child spec. In the
case of a simple_one_for_one, that then means that in terminate, we have
a pid in the dynamics dictionary, but no child spec at all, whilst in
the case of non simple_one_for_one the spec is simply not there.

This doesn't cause any crashes, but it means the state is inconsistent
in the subsequent terminate function. It should be a call to
state_del_child (blank the child pid in the non-simple case, or remove
the pid from the dynamics dict for the simple case).


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