wx_object locks

Mazen Harake <>
Fri Oct 16 15:34:26 CEST 2009

Hi all,

If I create a frame using wx_object, then using an event destroy the 
frame and then start a new frame (wx_object or not doesn't matter I 
think) then the new frame is not created before the process that runs 
inside my callback function (specified with connect/3) returns from the 
callback. I find this very odd... so I was wondering if this is intended 

This code example (attached) shows what I'm trying to describe.
Instructions: do dlock:start(). then click on the middle of the frame 
that appears. I expected this to destroy the frame that was open and 
then create a new one but as long as the process in the callback is 
alive it will not. To unlock the process and let it complete type the 
following in the shell: pid(0,X,0) ! {continue}. where X is the Pid. 
Then you should see that the first frame is removed and the second one 

Is this intended?

Best regards,


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