[erlang-bugs] R13B02 on 8/16 core box: all TCP communication hangs/frozen

Ulf Wiger <>
Wed Nov 18 19:36:24 CET 2009

Ulf Wiger wrote:
> https://www.streamfile.com/c/erlang
> You can transfer up to 2 GB securely. Then you can send
> the reference to the OTP team, and they can log in and
> download it.

Let me hasten to flag this service as beta, and most importantly,
make sure that the good people at OTP actually have the time to
look at what you send - i.e. preferrably wait for them to request
more detailed info from you.

Whatever you upload will eventually be expire and be deleted.
So, if you upload large files, and noone has the time to look
at it, you are just wasting bandwidth.

Ulf W
Ulf Wiger
CTO, Erlang Training & Consulting Ltd

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