seems bug in eunit timeouts

Alex Kutsko <>
Wed Nov 18 11:59:09 CET 2009

eunit 2.1.3, OTP R13B02-1

Problem description: In case when one of the functions within a group of
tests throws an error, timeout resets to default one ( in my case 5 secs):
slow_test_() ->
     {timeout, 300,
      [?_assertEqual(ok, test1()),
       ?_assertEqual(ok, test2())

test1() ->

test2() ->

test:11: slow_test_...*failed*
  in function test:test1/0
  in call from test:'-slow_test_/0-fun-0-'/1
  output:<<"Timeout set in eunit= 5000 %% mine output in eunit_proc.erl
module set_timeout/2 method

test:12: slow_test_...*timed out*

In this test, despite the timeout of the group set to 300 sec, after test1
throwing error, timeout sets to 5 sec. I think this is wrong. (if you remove
throw(error) from test1 function, you'll get successfully passed test2).

Best regards,
Alex Kutsko,

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