[erlang-bugs] hipe crash with compiler modules

Paul Guyot <>
Wed Nov 4 11:31:00 CET 2009

Le 3 nov. 2009 à 23:57, Mikael Pettersson a écrit :

> There is a known problem with concurrent invokations of the HiPE  
> compiler.
> It looks like the serialization of code loading that the BEAM loader  
> is
> supposed to do isn't happening, or it is bypassed. This corrupts  
> certain
> runtime system data structures causing crashes during GC. I'm  
> currently
> trying to debug this problem.


I've just changed the code to load all native modules sequentially  
before calling the rpc:pmap and the crash disappeared. So it sounds  
it's exactly this bug.

Thanks again,

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