eheap_alloc: Cannot reallocate 3480006320 bytes of memory (of type "heap") // R13B cross-compiled on avr32-linux

Winston Smith <>
Sun May 31 07:17:32 CEST 2009

I'm hoping for a little advice with getting Erlang R13B working on
Atmel's AVR32/Linux [] based NGW100  development
board [].
 The NGW100 is based on a buildroot []
cross compiler system, which seems to be fairly widely used with
embedded systems. I based the on Brian Zhou's NSLU2-Linux
Erlang makefile
[] and
was able to cross compile Erlang for the avr32-linux system using
Ubuntu 9.04 (x86) as a host.

Once booted on the NGW100, running 'erl' crashes with:

/home/avr32 # erl
Crash dump was written to: erl_crash.dump
eheap_alloc: Cannot reallocate 3480006320 bytes of memory (of type "heap")

The system version reported in erl_crash.dump is:

System version: Erlang R13B (erts-5.7.1) [source] [rq:1]
[async:threads:0] [kernel-poll:false]

It seems that 3,480,006,320 bytes of memory is somewhat excessive for
an embedded system, so I suspect there's some kind of overflow issue.
The .dump file is 55k; if it's useful, I can provide it.

I'm somewhat new to Erlang, so I'm not sure where to start looking --
any advice?  Is there a way to build a diagnostic version that might
yield more clues?

Many thanks!


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