[erlang-bugs] httpc exits

Ingela Anderton Andin <>
Fri Mar 13 15:22:16 CET 2009


I suppose you are talking about SASL-reports? The client should
only receive a {error, session_remotly_close} tuple.

It should be fairly easy to change the implementation so that
we use stop, normal and use the state to hold the  reason so that
terminate will send the correct message to the client.

Regards Ingela Erlang/OTP - Ericsson

mats cronqvist wrote:
>   In httpc_handler.erl;
> handle_info({tcp_closed, _}, State) ->
>     {stop, session_remotly_closed, State};
>   This will generate a 300-line error report if the server we're
>   talking to closes the socket.  Is there any reason to expect that a
>   user of the http client wants this?  I sure don't.
>   mats
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