[erlang-bugs] inets HTTP stream bugs

Steve Vinoski <>
Fri Mar 6 00:17:38 CET 2009

On 3/5/09, Ingela Anderton Andin <> wrote:
> Hi Steve, thank you for the patch.

Glad to help, and thank you very much for the wonderful Erlang/OTP
language and system and the great work you guys put into it.

>  Humm .. I am not quite sure this is needed. If the status code is not 200
> or 206
>  you should get the response {http, {RequestId, Result}}
>  that  expands to  {http, {RequestId, {status_line(), headers(), body()}},
> where
>  status_line() = {http_version(), status_code(), reason_phrase()} that
> should do the
>  trick.  Maybe we could add some more examples to the user guide and
> probably a
>  few more test cases on streaming would not be a bad idea.  All a question
> about priorities
>  as usual.

Oops, you are of course correct -- this was operator error on our
part. Sorry for the confusion.


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