[erlang-bugs] R12B01 erl_misc_utils.c stack-trashing bug, + a patch

Michael Turner <>
Wed Jul 29 14:14:10 CEST 2009

On 7/29/2009, "Mikael Pettersson" <> wrote:

>Michael Turner writes:
> >

>Two nits:
>1. Subject doesn't match contents (different Erlang versions).
>2. The patch is broken due to line-wrapping in three lines. When sending
>   patches, you must ensure that the text isn't mangled in any way.
>   (Many MUAs appear to be broken in this regard.)

I'll fix and resubmit (the first was a typo, I just typed the subject
line instead of copy-pasting the elements).

But instead of learning by trial and error, how about some guide to
submitting patches?

Is the following


a good guideline?  I know there's this


in a source recommended from www.erlang.org.  But it's not very
specific.  Where the www.erlang.org FAQ gets specific, it looks like it
might be wrong

  "If your code is a modification to an existing part of OTP, attach a
patch to your post to the erlang-patches mailing list."

Attachments are OK?  I've noticed people contributing patches on the
patches list as attachments, but the attachments don't seem to show up
in the mailing list archives.  For example.


How do you get your hands on a patch if you didn't get it as an
attachment, and only because you weren't subscribed to the patches
mailing list at the time?  Where do these end up?  Did this guy just
forget to attach (maybe twice)?  If so, why did nobody comment?  Or are
you just not supposed to send patches as attachments?  If so, well ...
why did nobody comment to that effect?

The "Help" link at


just goes to the www.erlang.org FAQ.  The "FAQ" link there is even more
opaque: it's a mail-to link with address 

Some formal guidance on patch submission would be appreciated.

-michael turner

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