[erlang-bugs] R12B-3/64bit/smp Stuck disk_log_server

Geoff Cant <>
Tue Jan 13 15:07:30 CET 2009

Hi Rickard, thank you very much - this sounds correct to me. The
customer cluster is still running a cron job that effectively does
lists:foreach(fun erlang:garbage_collect/1, erlang:processes()) every
ten minutes.

This script was introduced as a stop-gap measure when running a heavily
loaded ejabberd cluster on the 32bit VM where an out of memory condition
would take down the node and then the entire cluster due to some
problems with cross-node monitor storms. The cluster now runs on 64bit
VMs so we'll revisit the memory consumption problem and avoid using

We'll disable the script and see if the problem recurs.

Once again, thank you very much - I'm always very impressed by the level
of support the OTP team gives the erlang community.


Rickard Green <> writes:

> Hi Geoff,
> I've looked at this and found a bug that may have caused this. When a
> process garbage collect another process and the process being garbage
> collected also receives a message during the garbage collect, the
> process being garbage collected can end up in the state that you
> described.
> This kind of garbage collect only happen when someone calls the
> garbage_collect/1 BIF or when code is purged. In the case with the
> disk_log server being stuck I think we can rule out the purge, i.e.,
> if it is this bug that caused your problem another process must have
> garbage collected the disk_log server via the garbage_collect/1
> BIF. Do you have any code that may have garbage collected the disk_log
> server via the garbage_collect/1 BIF? The garbage collect may also
> have been done explicitly in the shell.
> Regards,
> Rickard Green, Erlang/OTP, Ericsson AB.

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