[erlang-bugs] R12B-3/64bit/smp Stuck disk_log_server

mats cronqvist <>
Thu Jan 8 21:47:58 CET 2009

Geoff Cant <> writes:

> Hi all, we just took another look at the cluster and discovered another
> stuck gen_server. This time we sent it a bogus message of '$ignore_me' -
> the process then woke up, processed the first message in its queue (an
> ejabberd internal message) and exited (as expected from the ejabberd
> code). 
> It appears that this bug causes processes to sometimes not get
> scheduled in when they receive a message. It seems to strike randomly
> and subsequent messages cause the process to be scheduled properly.

  Ouch. You can't trust anyone these days. At least the message wasn't
  dropped or out of order.


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