relup always starts new applications permanently

Paul Guyot <>
Wed Dec 23 18:40:45 CET 2009


I think I've encountered a bug in relup generation. If a new application appears in the rel file, make_relup generates an add_application primitive, which in turn generates a line which is always like :


systools_relup and systools_rc:translate_application_instrs/3 (line 326)

However, the new application might have a different start type in the new .rel file. In some cases, it may even be loaded only (and not started). I believe we might need a new option in the add_application primitive to include the start type and translate this type accordingly with :

permanent -> {apply,{application,start,[Application,permanent]}}
transient -> {apply,{application,start,[Application,transient]}}
temorary -> {apply,{application,start,[Application,temporary]}}
load -> {apply,{application,load,[Application]}}
none -> just nothing


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