[erlang-bugs] Building docs for R13B-03 fails

Sergei Golovan <>
Mon Dec 14 11:02:12 CET 2009


I did some further investigations and found that simply calling make
in all doc/src
directories works better then trying to run make recursively.

for i in `find . -wholename '*/doc/src'` ; do
    (cd $i ; make man ERL_TOP=$pwd )

(using Erlang R12B-02-1 edoc and docbuilder, and the attached docb_gen script)
generates manpages perfectly, make html and make pdf though suffer from runtime
errors while running xsltproc.

Running make recursively reveals a whole bunch of problems with
missing and redefined
'docs' targets in makefiles.

On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 12:16 PM,  <> wrote:
> Hi Sergei,
> we started to build our documentation with open source tools in R13B03 so it
> would be possible to build the doc from the delivered sources.
> But it's still only built in house because we hadn't time to test it but the plan is
> to have it work for everyone in R13B04.
> Thanks for your report, we'll have a look at those fault.
> Regards Lars
> Sergei Golovan wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I'm trying to build Erlang documentation from the sources (the goal is
>> to switch from prebuilt docs for Debian Erlang packages as building
>> them from the source is preferable).
>> To do that I run
>> make
>> make TYPE=docs
>> (in fact, make libs doesn't recognize TYPE, so I had to replace "make
>> opt" by "make $(TYPE) in the top-level Makefile).
>> and I've found several problems which make build fail:
>> 1) For some XML files (e.g. erts/docs/src/book.xml) xsltproc reports
>> runtime errors about undefined variables (partnum in line 871 and 963
>> of db_pdf.xsl, in lines 1075 and 1173 of db_html.xsl). Is this a bug
>> in the stylesheets or in xsltproc? (Both 1.1.24 from Debian stable and
>> 1.1.26 from Debian unstable failed.)
>> 2) wx application has duplicated targets html and docs in its makefile.
>> 3) wx application (and others too) require docb_gen script to generate
>> XML docs sources. It is missing. (I suppose that it is a simple
>> wrapper around docb_gen Erlang module and could be recreated, but It'd
>> be better if it were shipped in Erlang sources.)
>> Is Erlang documentation supposed to be buildable from the source, or
>> it still requires some unavailable tools?
>> Cheers!

Sergei Golovan
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