Building docs for R13B-03 fails

Sergei Golovan <>
Fri Dec 11 14:52:00 CET 2009


I'm trying to build Erlang documentation from the sources (the goal is
to switch from prebuilt docs for Debian Erlang packages as building
them from the source is preferable).

To do that I run
make TYPE=docs
(in fact, make libs doesn't recognize TYPE, so I had to replace "make
opt" by "make $(TYPE) in the top-level Makefile).

and I've found several problems which make build fail:

1) For some XML files (e.g. erts/docs/src/book.xml) xsltproc reports
runtime errors about undefined variables (partnum in line 871 and 963
of db_pdf.xsl, in lines 1075 and 1173 of db_html.xsl). Is this a bug
in the stylesheets or in xsltproc? (Both 1.1.24 from Debian stable and
1.1.26 from Debian unstable failed.)

2) wx application has duplicated targets html and docs in its makefile.

3) wx application (and others too) require docb_gen script to generate
XML docs sources. It is missing. (I suppose that it is a simple
wrapper around docb_gen Erlang module and could be recreated, but It'd
be better if it were shipped in Erlang sources.)

Is Erlang documentation supposed to be buildable from the source, or
it still requires some unavailable tools?

Sergei Golovan

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