[erlang-bugs] re module doc change

Michael Mullis <>
Tue Sep 23 20:01:06 CEST 2008

I hope this is the correct venue for documentation bugs so please forgive
the intrusion if not.

In R12B-4, the re module doc needs to state clearly up front that regular
expressions normally containing a backslash (\) such as in the PCRE
examples, need to escape the backslash (\\) when used in Erlang programs.
For example,
  re:run("foo", "\\bfoo\\b")
instead of
  re:run("foo", "\bfoo\b")

There's a small blurb just before "PERL LIKE REGULAR EXPRESSIONS SYNTAX"
section but it's part of the "replace" function doc and not clear enough to
indicate that ALL backslashes intended to be part of a regexp need to be
escaped in order pass through to the regular expression engine.

michael mullis.
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