[erlang-bugs] EPMD protocol documentation

Michael Regen <>
Fri Sep 12 15:14:46 CEST 2008


I think there are a couple of problems with the documentation of the EPMD
protocol at http://erlang.org/doc/apps/erts/erl_dist_protocol.html#9.1 (in
R12B-3 and R12B-4) as well as erts/emulator/internal_doc/erl_ext_dist.txt
(in R12B-3):

DistrvsnRange is 4 bytes, not 2. "Four bytes where MSB (2 bytes) =
Highestvsn and LSB (2 bytes) = Lowestvsn. For erts-4.6.x (OTP-R3)the vsn = 0
For erts-4.7.x (OTP-R4) = ?????."

Elen is described as 2 byte field. But at least if during ALIVE2_REQ no
extra field was provided (as I think erts usually does) then PORT2_RESP just
returns Elen as one byte = 0. And erts does not seem to work correctly if we
send back a packet as specified.

In the documentation it looks like one packet should be sent back containing
the whole answer whereas in reality EPMDPortNo and each answer are sent back
in different packets.

Same as for NAMES_RESP: different packets are expected.
Furthermore the documentation speficies NodeInfo as expressed in Erlang:
io:format("active name     ~s at port ~p, fd = ~p ~n", [NodeName, Port,
for registered nodes. Correct would be:
io:format("active name     <~s> at port ~p, fd = ~p~n", [NodeName, Port,
Notice the <> characters!

For unregistered nodes:
io:format("old/unused name ~s at port ~p, fd = ~p~n", [NodeName, Port, Fd]).
io:format("old/unused name <~s>, port = ~p, fd = ~p ~n", [NodeName, Port,
Notice the <> characters as well as the last space before the new line!

Furthermore it might be good to mention that all answers are followed by a
close of the socket except for ALIVE2_RESP. Might also be good to mention
that all integers are in big-endian format.

Thank you!

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