[erlang-bugs] proc_lib relies on immutable dictionary

mats cronqvist <>
Fri Nov 28 09:02:25 CET 2008

"Bjorn Gustavsson" <> writes:

> On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 2:30 PM, mats cronqvist <> wrote:
>> exit_p(Class, Reason) ->
>>    {M,F,A} = get('$initial_call'),
>>    MFA = {M,F,make_dummy_args(A, [])},
>>    crash_report(Class, Reason, MFA),
>>    exit(Reason).
>>  exit_p now (for no apparent reason) relies on the user not clearing
>>  the dictionary.
> My fault. I noticed that the initial MFA was passed around in the loop
> just to be just when the process
> exited, which I found wasteful as the the value could just as well be
> retrieved from the process dictionary.

  i can think of one semi-good reason; process pools. E.g, yaws has a
  pool of acceptor processes. this btw is how i found it.

  otoh, i don't think proc_lib should break, no matter how silly
  it might be to clear the dictionary.


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