[erlang-bugs] port/1 undocumented in ssl module

Oscar Hellström <>
Tue Nov 18 18:00:46 CET 2008


The documentation for listen/2 says that "If Port is zero, listen/2
picks an available port number (use port/1 to retreive it)" but port/1
doesn't exist in the documentation.

ssl:module_info(exports) gives:
[..., {port,1}, ...]

What port/1 does, and how I should use it not really an issue for me,
but I first thought there was no equivalence to the inet:port/1 function
and had to read through listen/1 to find out that it really does exist.
It could also have fooled me to believe that I need to use sockname/1 to
find out which port I got.

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