[erlang-bugs] Incorrect or misleading inets/http_server error message

Edwin Fine <>
Mon Jun 30 23:56:58 CEST 2008

Taking the example out of the document at

2> {ok, Pid} = inets:start(httpd, [{port, 0},
2>       {server_name,"httpd_test"}, {server_root,"/tmp"},
2>       {document_root,"/tmp/htdocs"}, {bind_address, "localhost"}]).

=ERROR REPORT==== 30-Jun-2008::17:47:18 ===
Failed initiating web server:

** exception error: no match of right hand side value













The actual problem was that the "/tmp/htdocs" directory did not exist. I
find having an error message of undefined
*to be very misleading. I read it as "the value corresponding to
document_root [i.e. "/tmp/htdocs", of type string] is of the wrong type". If
not a string, what should it be, I wondered?

When I created the directory and tried again, the message went away. I would
have expected to see something like

3> {ok, Pid} = inets:start(httpd, [{port, 0},
3>       {server_name,"httpd_test"}, {server_root,"/tmp"},
3>       {document_root,"/tmp/htdocs"}, {bind_address, "localhost"}]).

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