[erlang-bugs] external term format documentation

Doug Edmunds <>
Thu Jan 17 23:57:05 CET 2008

I am considering how the output of term_to_binary/1 could be
read in another programming language.  I ran across this issue.

In http://erlang.org/doc/apps/erts/erl_ext_dist.html,
Section 8.4 Float_Ext states:

"This term is used in minor version 0 of the external format; it has been
superseded by NEW_FLOAT_EXT

Apparently it has not been superseded. ( R12B, Windows XP)

> term_to_binary(1.0) .

produces this binary:


The second byte is 99, followed by 31 bytes.
This is the byte code for Float_ext (Float string)
(See Section 8.4)

Is New_Float_Ext still pending?
When will it be implemented?

-- Doug Edmunds
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