[erlang-bugs] bug: http get request from IE7 hangs up on inets httpd

Ingela Anderton Andin <>
Tue Jan 15 09:25:34 CET 2008


In Inets user's guide you can see options that you can use to enable 
trace on the
inets HTTP server. This could help in finding out what is the problem.


Bob Ippolito wrote:
> [...]
> mochiweb is designed for embedded apps and is easier to get up and
> going than the server in inets.
I just want to point out that as of Erlang/OTP-R12 the inets web server 
is a lot
easier to get up and going and a lot of inflexibilities from older 
versions of inets HTTP server has been
removed and more default values have been added. For instance it is not 
necessary to have a config-file if
you do not want to, you can start it  directly using a list of proerties.

Regards Ingela - OTP team
> On Jan 14, 2008 11:46 AM, Zvi <> wrote:
>> Hi Kenneth,
>> sorry for the cryptic description :(
>> I put simple "index.html" file in the directory specified in inets
>> configuration. The content of the file is:
>> <html>
>> <h1>Ha ha ha!</h1>
>> <hr>
>> ha hah ah
>> </html>
>> Then I opened IE7 browser window and typed the URL:
>> "http://localhost:2001/index.html".
>> After pressing enter the webpage correctly rendered in the browser.
>> After pressing reload first time - again it's rendered OK.
>> When pressing "reload" button 2nd or 3rd time IE7 just stuck (like it trying
>> to load the page indefinitely).
>> Then I open new IE7 browser instance and there it working twice and stuck on
>> the 3rd page reload.
>> This doesn't happen in the Firefox.
>> And also tried just now IE7 with Apache and the same index.html file - it
>> doesn't happen with Apache - everything works fine.
>> So either Apache has workarround for IE7 bugs or inets:httpd has a bug.
>> Anyway I considered which webserver to use for my web application yaws or
>> inets, I guess inets is more suited for embedded web applications.
>> I didn't tried it with yaws yet.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Zvi
>> Kenneth Lundin wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> How do you mean that this fails, can you explain further.
>>> Why do you think this is a problem with the httpd web-server and not a
>>> problem with IE 7.0?
>>> You need to give more information if we should be able to understand
>>> what the problem
>>> really is.
>>> 1) Exactly what happend with your browser after reload 3 times
>>> 2) Contents of the file you are reloading
>>> 3) more observations
>>> I also recommend that you don't send to erlang-bugs before you have
>>> very clear indications on
>>> that there is a bug in Erlang/OTP. Before that i recommend
>>> erlang-questions.
>>> /Regards Kenneth Erlang/OTP team at Ericsson
>>> On Jan 13, 2008 1:10 AM, Zvi <> wrote:
>>>> When running inets httpd webserver and serving single static file
>>>> index.html,
>>>> it works, but after pressing reload button 3 times, the html page didn't
>>>> served. After opening new browser instance it's also working 2 times and
>>>> then hangs. From the Firefox everything works fine.
>>>> The exact version of my IE is 7.0.5730.13.
>>>> TIA
>>>> Zvi

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