[erlang-bugs] xmerl gnats

Vance Shipley <>
Sun Feb 17 16:57:28 CET 2008

xmerl works wonderfully for me however after working with it
for a while I have found some small issues:

	- xmerl_scan:file/2 with {validation,schema}
	  I can't get this to work, it does nothing to validate.
	  It doesn't read the Schema at all.

	- xmerl_xsd:process_schema/2 with {xsdbase, Dirname}
	  Fails with enoent.

	- validation of type `anyURI' rejects network access identifiers
	  (NAI):   {error, [{value_not_anyURI, ""}]}
	  As far as I can tell an NAI is a valid anyURI, at least the 
	  3GPP think so (3GPP TS 29.228; CxDataType.xsd)

	- xmerl_xsd.html says global_state() is represented by
	  #xmerl_xsd{} however it is actually #xsd_state{}

	- xmerl_xsd.html refers to format_error/0 however it should
	  be format_error/1 

	- xmerl_xsd.html process_schema/1 and process_schema/2:
	  "Reads the referenced XML schema and controls it is valid."


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