[erlang-bugs] EUnit discards all output

John Hughes <>
Wed Dec 31 14:52:00 CET 2008

>From the eunit Users' Guide:
EUnit captures standard output 

If your test code writes to the standard output, you may be surprised to see that the text does not appear on the console when the tests are running. This is because EUnit captures all standard output from test functions (this also includes setup and cleanup functions, but not generator functions), so that it can be included in the test report if errors occur.

OK, it says the output CAN be included in the test report if errors occur, not that it WILL be--but I nevertheless expected the latter to happen. When I run EUnit, however, ALL output is discarded, even output from failing tests. Is that really the intention? Maybe I'm just doing something wrong here--but I have not found any documented way to turn ON reporting of output from failed tests.

I'm running the latest R12B under Windows XP.

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