[erlang-bugs] Bugfix for OTP-7330 in JInterface had some side-effects

Nico Kruber <>
Mon Dec 15 15:21:19 CET 2008

Assume you're working on computer "some-pc" and you're creating a node 
In former versions (up until and including 1.4.0) it was possible to connect 
from Java/JInterface to that node by using "" and everything 
worked fine - unlike the bugfix description suggested.
This is not possible anymore which prevents easy distribution of software 
containing a java interface using an erlang node on the same host 

bugfix notes from the release notes:
Jinterface now refuses to connect to another node that does not agree on the 
other node's name. This has been a problem in that a connection was set up, 
but not used on a following send, which caused a second erroneous connection 
attemt to fail since the other (Erlang) node rejects a connection due to name 
Problem reported and dissected by Alexander Lamb
Own Id: OTP-7330

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