[erlang-bugs] Changing HTTP request version in inets http module caused warning logs

Chaos Wang <>
Tue Dec 9 05:14:27 CET 2008


I'm running Erlang OTP/R12B5 with inets-5.0.12, and want to send a 
request using http:request/4 function in HTTP/1.0 instead of the default 
HTTP/1.1. When I call it like this:


There will be a warning said:
    =INFO REPORT==== 9-Dec-2008::11:52:12 ===
    Invalid option {version,"HTTP/1.0"} ignored

But actually the request type has been changed to HTTP/1.0.

After tracking down into inets source, I find that the following code in 
inets-5.0.12/src/http.erl:266 (in http:handle_request/6)

    Version = http_util:to_upper(proplists:get_value(version,
                            HTTPOptions, "HTTP/1.1")),

which treat the value of version property as a string. But in 
inets-5.0.12/src/http.erl:364 (in http:http_options/2)

    http_options([{version, Val} | Settings], Acc)
          when is_atom(Val)->
            http_options(Settings, Acc#http_options{version = Val});

treat the value of version property as an atom. And this is the origin 
of the warning log.

So it looks like inets httpc treated the type of 'version' property 

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