[erlang-bugs] megaco_flex_scanner doesn't work under Solaris10 x86

Simon Cornish <>
Wed Aug 27 07:51:50 CEST 2008

I don't know if anyone uses this - I don't, I was chasing a bug with
my own linked-in driver - but the megaco_flex_scanner obviously isn't
built with the correct PIC options.

[ iss]$ erl
Erlang (BEAM) emulator version 5.6.3 [source] [64-bit]
[async-threads:0] [kernel-poll:false]

Eshell V5.6.3  (abort with ^G)
1> megaco_flex_scanner:start().
{error,{load_driver,"ld.so.1: beam: fatal: relocation error:
R_AMD64_PC32: file
symbol main: value 0x280017e0694 does not fit"}}

R12B-3 configured with "CC=gcc -m64". The other linked-in drivers that
come with the distribution (eg. crypto_drv, asn1_erl_drv, etc) work

()1> erl_ddll:loaded_drivers().


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