[erlang-bugs] inets:http client: bug and feature request

Ingela Anderton Andin <>
Tue Aug 19 11:03:00 CEST 2008


Paul Guyot wrote:
> Hello,
> I noticed a bug (or an undocumented feature?) with http:request. If  
> the request is asynchronous, option {full_result, false} is not  
> honored, the result is always full. This is a nasty bug as fixing it  
> might break code (OTOH, why would you pass {full_result, false} if it  
> doesn't work?).
Hum .. the not full result only means that the synchronous call will 
throw away some
data before returning the data to the user. The request-handling process 
will always send the whole
result to the client, and when the call is asynchronous there is no 
filter in between. I would say that it
is the {full_result, false} that is feature. Acctualy it was keep for 
backwards compatibility reasons.

> Besides, one can perform basic authentication with the  
> "login:password@" URI scheme (which is not documented, AFAIK).  
> However, this probably doesn't work when the login or the password  
> contains the @ sign (typically an e-mail address is used for the  
> login). I wish there would be a non-ambiguous way to specify the  
> login and the password for authentication (the workaround is to add  
> the "Authorization" header directly).
Well that is not documented as we have not had the time to properly test 
it and
think it through.  This is still "original-contribution-code". It is  
has not been a high priority as it  works to add the headers.
If you would like to make a patch-suggestion we will probably be willing 
to take it in. Otherwise I have made a ticket for this
but quite frankly it will not be so highly prioritized.

Regards  Ingela  - Erlang/OTP, Ericsson

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