[erlang-bugs] Documentation bug in file:write_file/3 (R12B-3)

Edwin Fine <>
Fri Aug 15 02:12:31 CEST 2008

write_file/3 lists *Binary* as the second argument, but *Modes* in the
description (no mention of *Binary*).

>From the documentation:

write_file(Filename, *Binary*, Bytes) -> ok | {error, Reason}


Filename = name()
Bytes = iodata()
*Modes = [Mode] -- see open/2*
Reason = ext_posix() | terminated | system_limit

Same as write_file/2, but takes a third argument Modes, a list of possible
modes, see open/2<file:///usr/local/lib/erlang/lib/kernel-2.12.3/doc/html/file.html#open-2>.
The mode flags binary and write are implicit, so they should not be used.

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