[erlang-bugs] R12B-3 +native pattern-matching bug

Kristoffer Warming <>
Sun Aug 10 01:17:23 CEST 2008

> It would help if you could supply a small standalone test case.

It seems as though my last message didn't manage to get through because
the attachment was too big. (400kb) It was just a precompiled mochiweb,
as i have not managed to reproduce the bug in a small test-case.

> This is a bug for now a workaround would be to add 
> +{hipe,[no_icode_type]} as an option to the compiler, but a patch
> should 
> be forthcoming.
> Per Gustafsson

This didn't fix it. I got error messages like this:
        =CRASH REPORT==== 8-Aug-2008::22:30:59 ===
            pid: <0.56.0>
            registered_name: []
            exception error: bad argument
              in function  foo_web:loop/2
              in call from mochiweb_http:headers/4
              in call from mochiweb_util:unquote/1
            initial call:

            ancestors: [foo_web,foo_sup,<0.53.0>]
            messages: []
            links: [<0.55.0>,#Port<0.138>]
            dictionary: []
            trap_exit: false
            status: running
            heap_size: 987
            stack_size: 23
            reductions: 931

        =ERROR REPORT==== 8-Aug-2008::22:30:59 ===

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