[erlang-bugs] Documentation broken - gotapi

Matthias Lang <>
Mon Apr 28 09:32:04 CEST 2008

Torbjorn Tornkvist writes:
 > Hi folks,
 > I'm a heavy user of:
 >  http://www.gotapi.com/erlang
 > It is an absolutely superb service!
 > However, since some Erlang release(s) back. The documentation
 > was changed in some way so that gotapi.com can't locate
 > the exact position in the doc.page for the function you are
 > searching for. Now you only end up at the top of the page.
 > Please, could this be fixed ?

This is not a bug with the erlang documentation. It's a bug in
gotapi's scraper, or, if they do these things manually (?!) a lack of
maintenance at gotapi.

All that's changed there is that the anchors are now like this:


instead of


Not exactly rocket science for gotapi to fix. (Not rocket science for
erlang.org to change back either, but that's putting the cart in front
of the horse)


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