[erlang-bugs] Crash running R12B-0 code in R12B-2

Robert Virding <>
Mon Apr 21 22:47:34 CEST 2008

I compile my LFE compiler written in straight Erlang on R12B-0 where it runs
as expected. However when I then run it on R12B-2 without recompiling it I
get the following error:

=ERROR REPORT==== 21-Apr-2008::22:41:23 ===
beam/beam_load.c(1897): Error loading function
sys_core_fold:bsm_could_match_binary/1: op bif1_body: bsd:
  not a BIF: import table index 56

=ERROR REPORT==== 21-Apr-2008::22:41:23 ===
Loading of c:/Documents and Settings/GameStudio/My Documents/Erlang/Lisp
Flavoured Erlang/sys_core_fold.beam failed: badfile
** exception error: no match of right hand side value
     in function  lfe_comp:do_return/3

The second error report comes from my compiler because I don't check for
error returns. :-) My LFE compiler generates Core Erlang code.

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