[erlang-bugs] odd rr behaivor

Matthew O'Gorman <>
Fri Sep 28 19:52:35 CEST 2007

I wouldn't necessarily call this a bug, but it seems rr does not allow
for passing an atom to it in the same way, for example

1> ls().
2> rr(mog).
{error, nofile}

this seems quiet different than the way l and c work from the shell,
and might scare off new comers, not to mention examples show it work
another way.
also it seems odd that rr isnt included in c module but in the shell
module, i realize that this is probably a design decisions so that
records are loaded locally to the shell.  I was able to fix it
partially on my own box by adding a clause at line 819 or so in the
shell.erl file

local_func(rr, [{atom, _, A1}], Bs0, _Shell, RT, Lf, Ef) ->
    A = {string, 1, atom_to_list(A1)},
    {[File],Bs} = expr_list([A], Bs0, Lf, Ef),
    {value,read_and_add_records(File, '_', [], Bs, RT),Bs};

however i imagine this is wrong, and also leads to having to call
rr('mog.hrl').  so its not very helpful, as it still is not the same
as the other tools.

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