[erlang-bugs] bug in binary_to_term

Joe Armstrong <>
Thu Nov 22 14:24:45 CET 2007



%% If you do B = term_to_binary(Term)
%% and then concatinate some extra data to the end of
%% B then binary_to_term of the new binary succeeds
%% It should fail.
%% You need to test that you have consumed the entire binary
%% when doing binary_to_term
%% This caused a nasty error - when two TCP packets
%% became merged into one (due to packet fragmentation and recombiation)
%% each packet had one term, so the second term mysteriously vanished

test() ->
    B = term_to_binary({hello,joe}),
    {hello,joe} = binary_to_term(B),
    B1 = <<"any old junk">>,
    B2 = <<B/binary,B1/binary>>,
    {hello,joe} = binary_to_term(B2), %% <--- this should raise an exception

/Joe Armstrong

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