[erlang-bugs] Mismatch of string module and manual. to_upper, to_lower.

Richard Kelsall <>
Thu Jul 26 18:04:59 CEST 2007

The manual page for the string module here


talks about functions to_lower and to_upper, but they don't seem to
work in my version of erl (v5.5). (Unless I prefix them with http_util:
rather than string:) I guess they have been removed from the string
module because they don't work for all unicode characters, but the
manual has not yet been updated.

A generic fix might be for somebody clever to write a program to
compare the manual entries against the functions exported from the
modules and highlight differences. Or tie them together somehow.


(Apologies for this appearing twice on TrapExit. I've subscribed
to the list now.)

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