[erlang-bugs] ODBC and Windows 2003 Anomaly

Jan Jacobs <>
Wed Jan 31 19:29:41 CET 2007

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I managed to track down where in the odbc module it hangs.


It is in the handle_msg({connect, ODBCCmd, AutoCommitMode, SrollableCursors},  Timeout, State) 

function while doing the following call  gen_tcp:accept(ListenSocketSup, 5000).


I can execute odbc:connect as many times as I want and it works. It only hangs when I do an odbc:disconnect and odbc:connect .


Unfortunately debugging is a slow process because this is a customer's server. On my test server everything is working.



Jan Jacobs


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  Subject: [erlang-bugs] ODBC and Windows 2003 Anomaly

  Hi All,

  I am experiencing an anomaly with erlang running the odbc application.

  I start the odbc application. 

  Create a odbc connection to the databse. It works an the queries work.

  Disconnect from the databse.

  Create a new connection. The erlang runtime hangs and the erlang process CPU runs away.

  System Description:
  - Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition and Service Pack 1.
  - Erlang 5.5.2 

  The weirdest thing I have an application the follows the same steps as above which works every time on Windows XP.
  From 10 Windows 2003 servers I have experience the problem three times already. 

  I am not sure if I am missing something. Any help will be appreciated.

  Jan Jacobs


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