[erlang-bugs] Build fix for some architectures: x86_64 e.g. [resent]

Christian Faulhammer <>
Fri Dec 14 05:56:03 CET 2007

Mikael Pettersson <>:

> Christian Faulhammer writes:
>  > Mikael Pettersson <>:
>  > > This is ambiguous. Please generate a standard patch
>  > > that applies with 'patch -p1'.
>  >  Better?
> Better.
> Now, could you please explain why this is needed?
> I.e., why does gentoo need this change while (apparently)
> everybody else Unix-like doesn't.

 To quote from the original bug report (in 2005, I was not around then):
"no, that's a crappy 'fix' as is the current amd64 solution

the reason for this is the build system doesnt setup TARGET properly

configure.in sets TARGET to $host which comes from --host=... and this
value is recorded in the toplevel Makefile ...

when the generate target is run in the toplevel Makefile, it drops all
settings and changes to erts/emulator which sources make/run_make.mk
which sources make/target.mk which goes 'TARGET is not set, lets guess
at it using config.guess' which then produces the garbage value
'sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu' and 'x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu'"
> (I'm not trying to be rude here; patches must IMO
> be accompanied by technical explanations, otherwise
> we lose track of why things are done in certain
> ways.)

 I hoped, my little patches would be crystal clear. :)


Christian Faulhammer, Gentoo Lisp project
<URL:http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/lisp/>, #gentoo-lisp on FreeNode

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