[erlang-bugs] order of the parameters for erl on Windows

Sergei Golovan <>
Tue Sep 12 12:47:25 CEST 2006

On 9/12/06, Mickael Remond <> wrote:
> Hello,
> it seems to me that the order of the command-line parameter (erl and
> werl) on Microsoft Windows is important.
> When having a complex command-line, if I put the -sname parameter first,
> the erl emulator ignore it and do not start in networked mode.
> Example:
> erl.exe sname  -detached -env ERL_MAX_PORT=32000 -env EJABBERD_MSGS_PATH

I see typo on the first line. sname instead of -sname. Could it be
that erlang doesn't start in distributed mode because of this typo?

> "../lib/ejabberd-1.1.1/priv/msgs/" -env EJABBERD_CONFIG_PATH
> "../conf/ejabberd.cfg" -env EJABBERD_SO_PATH
> "../lib/ejabberd-1.1.1/priv/lib/windows/" -env EJABBERD_LOG_PATH
> "../logs/ejabberd.log" -kernel inetrc '"../conf/inetrc.win"' -mnesia dir
> '"../database/default"' -sasl sasl_error_logger
> {file,"../logs/sasl.log"} -setcookie test
> -s ejabberd

Sergei Golovan

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