[erlang-bugs] A small bug in Erlang mode for Emacs

Sergei Golovan <>
Thu Oct 5 16:35:34 CEST 2006


Looks like Erlang mode for Emacs has a bug: When it's used with
XEmacs, it binds 'backward-delete-char-untabify to Delete key. The bug
is found in Debian Linux, so it's possible that it's Debian-specific.
But if not then the following patch fixes it.

--- erlang.orig/lib/tools/emacs/erlang.el
+++ erlang/lib/tools/emacs/erlang.el
@@ -1934,7 +1934,9 @@
   (define-key map "<"         'erlang-electric-lt)
   (define-key map ">"         'erlang-electric-gt)
   (define-key map "\C-m"      'erlang-electric-newline)
-  (define-key map "\177"      'backward-delete-char-untabify)
+  (if erlang-xemacs-p
+    (define-key map [(backspace)]      'backward-delete-char-untabify)
+    (define-key map "\177"     'backward-delete-char-untabify))
   ;;(unless (boundp 'fill-paragraph-function)
   (define-key map "\M-q"      'erlang-fill-paragraph)
   (unless (boundp 'beginning-of-defun-function)

Best wishes!
Sergei Golovan

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