Network error (socket error) on Windows XP SP2

Johan Carlsson <>
Thu Mar 9 18:45:09 CET 2006

 >Originator:     Johan Carlsson
 >Organization:   Colliberty
 >Confidential:   no
 >Synopsis:       Network error on Windows XP SP2
 >Severity:       critical
 >Priority:       high
 >Category:       Network, socket, Windows XP SP2
 >Class:          sw-bug
 >Release:        OTP R10B, Erlang 5.4.13
         HP Compaq nx7010, Windows XP SP2
         All attempts to use the networks fail.
         (see description)


%%from the shell:
1> gentcp:listen().

%%Or if I try to start a distributed node from a command shell

c:\erl> erl -sname master1
<long error message ...>

     No fix so far.


Johan Carlsson
Torsgatan 72
113 37 Stockholm

tele: +46-8-31 24 94
mobl: +46-70-558 25 24

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