Mnesia Crash Dump

Mickaël Rémond <>
Sat Mar 4 10:32:34 CET 2006

Le 3 mars 06 à 21:47, Ulf Wiger ((AL/EAB)) a écrit :

> It looks as if mnesia is unable to locate your
> mnesia directory - or rather, it's not where it's
> supposed to be:
>   {mnesia_dir,"/home/mremond/ejabberd-nero/database/default",
>               {error,enoent}},
> (the core dump can be read by doing the following in
> an erlang shell:
> {ok,Bin} = file:read_file(".../").
> binary_to_term(Bin).


I did not know that :-)
So it seems it is my mistake, sorry for the false alarm.

Do you know what are the rules that trigger the generation of a  
Mnesia Core ? I would have expected to see this kind of user error in  
the log and, before this mail, thought that Mnesia were dumped on  
internal problem.

Anyway, thank you very much !

Mickaël Rémond

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