Error trying tutorial 17

Ferreira Maurizio <>
Tue Jun 20 12:44:36 CEST 2006

I tried tutorial 17 on a single computer, having name ferreira-d

After having started :

  erl -sname pong in a dos box
  erl -sname ping in another dos box

And having stated the pong process in the pong box

I try to start the ping process in the ping box
But I receive the following error:


=ERROR REPORT==== 20-Jun-2006::12:33:21 ===
Error in process <0.38.0> on node '' with exit value:

** exited: {badarith,[{erl_eval,eval_op,3},
                      {shell,eval_loop,3}]} **

Is something related tho the unusual machine name ? (ferreira-d)
Maurizio Ferreira.

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