[erlang-bugs] Bug in qlc

Hans Bolinder <>
Fri Dec 8 08:47:20 CET 2006

[Daniel Luna:]
> See code below.
> qlc "A" works if you remove ", true".
> Both work if you remove disc_only_copies.
> This error occurs in R11B-2, but not in R11B-1.

Thanks for the bug report.

It seems that a modification in R11B-2 exposed a bug that has been
present for quite some time. The bug was triggered by the empty Dets
table, but could also show up when no object matches a given match

The following patch ensures that dets:match{_object}() and
dets:select() never return {[],Cont} which should solve the problem at

*** /usr/local/otp/releases/otp_beam_solaris8_r11b_patched/lib/stdlib-1.14.2/src/dets.erl	Thu Nov 16 17:40:35 2006
--- dets.erl	Wed Dec  6 12:43:19 2006
*** 718,723 ****
--- 718,725 ----
                                  false ->
+                         [] ->
+                             chunk_match(NewState);
  			Terms ->
  			    {Terms, NewState}

The patch erl_898_otp_beam is available at the Licencees' Area

Best regards,

Hans Bolinder, Erlang/OTP

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