[erlang-bugs] --enable-hipe on pxa255

Christophe Romain <>
Tue Dec 5 00:47:07 CET 2006

I'm compiling R11B-2 on XScale-PXA255 rev 6 (v5l), gcc-4.1.1,  
binutils-2.17.50, libc6-2.5
Target: arm-linux-gnueabi soft-float
uname -m -> armv5tel

when i configure with --enable-hipe, I could not compile erl_bif_info.
the problem is that erts/emulator/armv5tel-unknown-linux-gnu/ 
erl_atom_table.h does not contains the last 3 lines (don't ask me why):
#define am_fconv_constant make_atom(807)
#define am_inc_stack_0 make_atom(808)
#define am_arm make_atom(809)

finally, link stage did not pass.
the problem is that all erts/emulator/obj/armv5tel-unknown-linux-gnu/ 
opt/hybrid/hipe_arm*.o are not there.

the whole problem is I have ARCH=noarch defined into erts/emulator/ 
armv5tel-unknown-linux-gnu/Makefile instead of ARCH=arm

ARCH is defined by configure, into erts/configure.in we can see:
     294 ARCH=noarch
     295 case `uname -m` in
     310 armv5b) ARCH=arm;;
     311 armv5teb)   ARCH=arm;;
     312 esac

here is the point: armv5tel is not listed
may "armv5*) ARCH=arm;;" be a safe patch ?
and what about armv4l ? (does hipe support that architecture)

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