James Hague <>
Wed Aug 9 20:06:49 CEST 2006

Actually list_to_number would be a good standard library addition.  It would
call list_to_integer first, then if that failed, call list_to_float.

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Demius Academius wrote:

> list_to_float("0") exited with badarg
> it must work as list_to_float("0.0")
you'll have to do something like:

str_to_float(Str) ->
    try float(list_to_integer(Str))
    catch error:_ -> list_to_float(Str)


str_to_float(Str) ->
    case string:to_float(Str) of
       {error, no_float} ->
             {Int, []} = case string:to_integer(Str),
       {Float, []} -> Float

as "0" is considered a integer(), while "0.0" is treated as a float(). 
But I agree that it would be much nicer if list_to_float/1 and 
string:to_float/1 would do this by themselves.

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