Internal consistency check failed

Ulf Wiger (AL/EAB) <>
Tue Jan 11 17:21:13 CET 2005

When trying to build the code in jungerl, I stumbled upon this error message:

erlc -W -I ../inc +warn_unused_vars +nowarn_shadow_vars +warn_unused_import -pz ../ebin -o ../ebin gen_leader.erl
gen_leader: function handle_msg/4+545:
  Internal consistency check failed - please report this bug.
  Instruction: {'%live',1}
  Error:       unknown_catch_try_state:

gmake[3]: *** [../ebin/gen_leader.beam] Error 1

This happened using Open Source Erlang r10b-2 and the latest version (1.1) of gen_leader.erl.

I can mail the actual file if this error can't be reproduced.


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